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Lets sweat

Markus Raty, Saunaist

There is more to sauna than you think. 

You have landed here because you are either sauna curious or already a sauna enthusiast. That’s great news. Whichever camp you belong to, the goal of Saunaist is to become your home for sauna content.


Our focus will be on expanding the rich saunaverse that already exists, translating the mystique of this ancient Finnish practice, and exploring how to build a lifestyle in which sauna plays a central role in driving happiness and overall wellness.

Sauna is having a moment in North America...


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Othership, a social bathhouse and sauna in Toronto.

Toronto, Canada

This might be the place that started it all. By all i mean the recent wave of public sauna projects in Toronto. Othership is a 3,000 square foot social bathhouse with ice baths, tea lounge and a 40-person sauna.

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