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Welcome to Saunaist

You have landed here because you are either sauna curious or already a sauna enthusiast. That’s great news. Whichever camp you belong to, the goal of Saunaist is to become your home for sauna content.


Our focus will be on expanding the rich saunaverse that already exists, translating the mystique of this ancient Finnish practice, and exploring how to build a lifestyle in which sauna plays a central role in driving happiness and overall wellness.

Sauna is having a moment in North America. There is a revitalization of interest in public saunas, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a barrel sauna for sale on the side of the highway (at least here in Ontario), and every second podcast either talks about their health benefits or has advertisers promoting them. 


Unfortunately, not all saunas are created equal, and the internets are cluttered with all manner of sauna “information”. It is difficult to differentiate between hot air and exquisite heat, blankets, and barrels and just how long one should stay in for and at what temperature.


Saunaist will cut through the clutter and deliver (at least some) sauna content not available anywhere else. It will explore the deep connection that Finns have to their sauna practices, for relaxation and therapy but perhaps most importantly, for human connection and community.

We will unpack Finland’s nuanced sauna culture, provide meaningful content to help you design your own sauna lifestyle, and act as a springboard for your sauna journey.  

Our mission is to build and connect a global community of sauna enthusiasts, helping them to unlock their inner sauna superpowers so they can participate in and build their own local sauna communities. 

Expect to learn about sauna’s rich history, cultural significance, current trends, bathing protocols, and much more as we show you just how immersive and fun sauna can be.

We hope you enjoy.

Yours in sweat,

Markus Räty

Author's Note: This site will be updated and expanded regularly, in both scale and scope. 

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