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Mission: Our mission is to build and connect a global community of sauna enthusiasts, helping them to unlock their inner sauna superpowers so they can build their own local sauna communities. 

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Our Story

The feeling I have when I finish a solid sauna session is so intoxicating it must be written about. And even though I have experienced this feeling several times a week now for over 45 years, every time feels like the first time. It’s bananas. And in short, it is why The Saunaist is coming to life.


That feeling is even better when shared amongst others, be it in a small lakeside sauna cabin amongst family and friends or in a large sauna spa in the middle of a teeming metropolis surrounded by strangers. There is something about the heat - perhaps it is in the shared suffering - that creates unspoken bonds. These bonds are the kindling for connection and community. 


This is ultimately what The Saunaist is about. Fostering community building through a shared love of heat. But not just any heat. Sauna heat. That glorious, deep and nurturing heat that only a sauna can provide. 


The Saunaist will deliver a spectrum of sauna content not available anywhere else, from culture to commerce, and from the technical to the whimsical. It will also explore the deep connection that Finns have to their sauna practices, for relaxation and therapy sure, but perhaps more importantly, for human connection and community.


The Saunaist will provide meaningful content to help you design your own sauna lifestyle, providing a springboard for your sauna journey. Its mission is to build a global community of sauna enthusiasts, empowering them to become sauna superpower evangelists in their own local communities.


If you are ready to unlock your sauna superpowers, please consider subscribing. 


Markus Raty

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